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Private Revenue Perfins of New South Wales

An Elsmore Coath Howard production

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Section 2 - Commercial Overprints





User: F. Lassetter & Co Ltd (Trading as Lassetters)

Universal Provider's, later Hardware

Address: George St, Sydney, NSW

Railway Use:

1929 issue 1d, 3d, 6d, 9d, 1/-

Rarity Scale:

1929 issue 1d R2, 3d R4, 6d R3, 9d R4, 1/- R4

Background: See LS.a in the NSW Perfin section

Related Patterns: Refer to other Lassetters patterns in:

NSW: Perfin section  L/S.a  L/S.b

London and/Lancashire/


User: London & Lancashire Fire Insurance Co

Insurance Provider

Address: 95 Pitt St, Sydney, NSW

Revenue Use: 

1872 QV issue 3d, 9d, 2/-, 2/6d, 5/-

1894 QV issue 6d, 6d[in red], 1/-, 1/-[in red], 1/6d, 2/6d[in red], 5/-

Rarity Scale:

1872 issue 3d R3, 9d R3, 2/- R4, 2/6d R4, 5/- R4

1894 QV issue 6d R1, 6d[in red]R2, 1/- R1, 1/-[in red]R4, 1/6d R1, 2/6d[in red]R4, 5/- R3

Background: See LL.a in the perfin section

Device: Handstamped violet or black Related Patterns: Refer to other London and Lancashire and subsidiary company patterns in:

NSW:  AAA/CO.a CM/Co.a  DT.a LL.a LL/Co.a

Other – Section 2 Commercial Overprints




User: J C Ludowici & Ltd


Address: 117 York St, Sydney, NSW

Revenue Use:

1908 Edward issue 2d

Rarity Scale:

1908 Edward issue 2d R4

Background: Johann Carl Ludowici was born in 1836 in Altona, Holstein, Prussia and went to London as a youth. While a young man he came to Australia under contract to Sir Peter Russell who conducted a tannery and leather belt works in Balmain. In 1858, Ludowici took over the business moving the tannery to the banks of the Lane Cove River.

Trading as Ludowici & Co. the company consistently won medals a tall the major colonial and intercolonial exhibitions held in the 1870s and 1880s. The business combined the tannery at Brickfield with the manufacture of “leather belting, laces, lace and belt leather and pump buckets” in Swan Street, Brickfield (near Darlinghurst), Sydney.


In 1885, the International Patent and Trade Marks Office register the company “PIONEER” trade mark, (Gov’t Gazette no.359 p.5479) and advertised as ‘PIONEER Leather Belting”.


The business was incorporated in 1891as JC Ludowici & Son Ltd. “Mill Belt Manufacturers, Tanners, Curriers and Importers”, the son being Frederick John Ludowici who had joined his father’s firm as a 16 year old apprentice in 1889. Frederick John became company secretary in 1891, a company director in 1905 and general manager in 1914. He retired as managing director in 1959 and as board member in 1966. John Charles Ludowici retired in 1913 and died at his home ‘Longueville’ in April 1916.


In 1911 the company listed as JC Ludowici & Son Ltd at 117 York St. where the business was still located in 1955.


By the 1950s, the business employed 300 people at its 4 ha site at Lane Cove and its factory at Marrickville.


In 1995 Ludowici Australia Pty Ltd (founded 1982) acquired the first of a series of mineral processing equipment business making mining and quarrying equipment. On 5 May 1997 JC Ludowici & Son Ltd was delisted on the stock exchange and became Ludowici Ltd.


In 2006 the corporate offices were relocated to Brisbane. By 2010 Ludowici Australia, supplier of mineral processing equipment had manufacturing plants in China, India, South Africa, USA and Chile.


In 2012, the company was acquired by Danish engineering group FLSmidth and today operates as 5 business units with a presence in more than 20 countries.

Related Patterns: Nil


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