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Private Revenue Perfins of Western Australia

An Elsmore Coath production

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User: Liverpool and London and Globe Insurance

Life and General Insurance provider

Address: 68 St Georges Terrace, Perth, WA.

Revenue Use: 

1922-30 issue 1d, 3d, 6d, 1/-, 2/-, £1

Rarity Scale:

1922-30 issue 1d R4, 3d R4, 6d R4, 1/- R4, 2/- R4, £1 R4

Background: *Liverpool and London and Globe were an English insurer established in 1836, (until 1865 they were registered as "The Liverpool and London Fire and Life Insurance Company") who started operating in Sydney in the 1850’s and in 1851 they acquired the "Australian Colonial and General Life Assurance Company". Their business expanded slowly from there Sydney main office and they established offices in Tasmania and Western Australia as well as Brisbane in 1911.

Device: The Perth LL/G device was one of a range of devices which produced a similar pattern in the LL/G format that came into service in the late 1920’s. These devices were located in Perth (this device) Launceston, Hobart, and Sydney. They were all single head devices with the exception of the Sydney device which had 3 heads.

The similarities in the patterns produced by these devices has lead to some confusion and miss reporting of these patterns in earlier publications. For instance HAPP*1 lists three LL/G patterns as being found on WA revenue stamps. This is not the case as these reports refer to the true Perth device but also include the Hobart device and one of the die heads of the Sydney device. This is likely due to the similar structure and appearance of the patterns and the poor quality of some of the relevant reference images in HAPP.

This Perth LL/G device is also found on postage stamps of Australia over the period 1928–1942.  Perth postmarks predominate.

Related Patterns: Refer to other Liverpool and London and Globe patterns in:

NSW: LLG.a LLG.b LLG.c LLG.d LL/G.e LL/G.f LL/G.g LL/G.h LL/G.i LL/G.j L.&G.&G./INSURANCE./Co..a


Other - Section 2 Commercial Overprints: The/Liverpool/&/London,/&/Globe/Insurance Coy./Limited.a

TAS: LL/G.a LL/G.b

*'Life Insurance in Australia' by A C Gray (1977)

*1 'Handbook of Australian Private Perfins' (Mathews 2003)


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