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Private Revenue Perfins of Western Australia

An Elsmore Coath production

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User: International Harvester Co

Agricultural, Construction and Commercial Vehicles


Address: (from 1913) 361 -365 Murray St, Perth, WA. from 1913.


Later King St, Perth, WA. (formally Richard Purser & Co until 1930 when IHC took over the premises).


Also a Branch in Fremantle, WA.

Railway Use:

1951 series: 6d, 9d, 1/-, 1/3d, 2/-, 2/6d, 10/-.

Rarity Scale:

1951 series 6d R2, 9d R2, 1/- R2, 1/3d R4, 2/- R3, 2/6d R4, 10/- R4.

Background: *The first International brand vehicles arrived in Australia form the USA in 1908 and proved popular for both freight and passenger work. The International Harvester Company of Australia Pty. Ltd. was formed in 1912 and was located offices in Bourke Street Melbourne. State offices were later established in Brisbane, Adelaide and Sydney. The first Australian International Harvester manufacturing plant was established in Geelong, Victoria, in 1937.

Device: International Harvester were prolific perfin users but most of their IH and IHC patterns are only found on postage stamps.


Despite the simplicity of many of the IH patterns the company seemed to go to some trouble to make each pattern different and this is generally achieved by the variation in the structure of the H and the addition, or not, of periods following each letter. This policy of discrete and discernable patterns for each location is also found with the companies IHC logo patterns used in North America in which each office has an additional pin in the pattern to make it identifiable.


This policy seems to have been circumvented here, as this IHC device, with its simple single line format, is very similar to a device used in Victoria, albeit the Victorian pattern is of a somewhat larger size. Take care when identifying this WA and other IH and IHC patterns as the symmetrical nature of the letters makes them hard to determine what position they are in. If you do not get a match with the Perfin Finder at first then turn the stamp over, as the component letters are not always true in reverse.


On postage stamps Perth postmarks predominate and the usage is between 1938 and 1969. There is no known revenue use but the pattern is found on railway stamps of WA.


It is a single head device and it produced sound strikes over its life. Because of the length of the pattern it is generally found in positions 2, 4, 6 and 8.

Related patterns: Refer to other International Harvester patterns in:


Related patterns: Refer to other International Harvester patterns in:


NSW: IH.a IH.b IHC.a


QLD: I.H..a


SA:   IH.a I.H..b




* International Harvester: 'Tractors and Equipment in Australia and New Zealand' By Graeme R. Quick (2009)

* Victoria Museum. Prior to IHC takeover in 1930


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