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Private Revenue Perfins of Western Australia

An Elsmore Coath production

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User: Courthope, Drummond & Co

Auctioneers & Agency Company

Address: Metropolitan Auction Mart, Shop 6, Central Building, Hay St, Perth, WA.

Revenue Use:

1897-1903 issue 1d, 2/6d.

Rarity Scale:

1897-1903 issue 1d R4, 2/6d R4.

Background: Edward Kay Courthope was born in London in May 1849. He moved to Perth where he established an Auction business selling commercial stock, live stock, estates, produce and property. The business was initially in his own name until 1878 and then as he expanded into agencies it became, Courthope and Co (1886) and finally in partnership with John Drummond the company became Courthope, Drummond and Co from 1887.

The company had premises in the Central Building in Hay St, Perth, known as the “Metropolitan Auction Mart”. In addition the company held agencies for Phoenix Fire Insurance, The Chinese Traders’ Insurance Company, NZ Loan and Mercantile Agency, the distillers, J&R Harvey and Co (Glasgow) as well as Cement and Galvanised Iron companies. They listed various regional sub agencies including their own office in Fremantle.

The company held regular auctions and their advertisements for the Auctions and the agencies of the Company are often found in newspaper advertisements and Directories of the 1880's and 1890’s.

In August 1897 the partnership was officially dissolved and the business passed to John Drummond, although it appears to have been wound up.

Tragically Edward Courthope took his own life in May 1899 at the age of just 50 after what seemed to be a period of depression brought on by financial issues and health concerns.

Device: The CD/CO.a device was manufactured by Joseph Sloper in England and it was the subject of a successful application to the Post Office in May 1894. The pattern is found on postage stamps with predominately Perth postmarks over the period 1895–98 and this is consistent with the history of the Company.

Given the relatively short usage period the pattern is scarce on postage stamps. Cross use of postage stamps as revenues (and vice versa) during this period is known and given the companies involvement with Insurance, commercial sales and property transactions it is possible that the reported use on revenues is of this nature.

Related patterns: Nil


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