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Private Revenue Perfins of Queensland

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Section 2 - Commercial Overprints



T&G / Life Society.a .b


.a 19mm                              .b 18mm

User: T & G Life Insurance.

Insurance Provider

Address: T & G Building. Cnr Queen & Albert St, Brisbane, QLD

Revenue Use: Numeral issue:

1936 .a 1d, 2d 19mm apart,

1936 .b 2d, 3d 18mm apart.

1966 2c.

Rarity Scale:

1936 .a 1d R3, 2d R3.

1936 .b 2d R3, 3d R4.

1966 2c R4.

Background: *The Independent Order of Rechabites (IOR) was a Friendly Society founded in England in 1835 as part of the temperance movement which promoted  total abstinence from alcoholic beverages. Such Friendly Societies were established to help working class people access health and Life Assurance and later basic banking products. The organisation later moved to the United States and Australia.

In 1876 the IOR in Australia founded the  T & G Mutual Life Assurance Society. The 'T & G' stood for 'Temperance & General'. The company was separated from the IOR in the early 1880’s and it expanded into a successful insurance company that operated across Australia and New Zealand.

T&G buildings with their distinctive spires were commonplace in corner locations in the business districts of larger Australian cities.

In 1983 the T&G Society amalgamated with the National Mutual Life Association.


Device: Preprinted.


Related patterns: Refer to other T&G Life Insurance patterns in:


WA: Other - Section 2 Commercial Overprints: T.&G./LIFE.a




(The) Telegraph Newspaper

Company Limited.a


User: The Daily Telegraph Newspaper Company Limited

Newspaper Publishers

Address: 93 Queen St, Brisbane, QLD

Revenue Use: QV 2d Qld 3rd side face state issue.

Rarity Scale: QV 2d R4.


Background: *The Telegraph was a Brisbane evening newspaper that was first published on October 1st, 1872, with its final edition printed on February 5th, 1988. In its day it was recognised as one of the best news pictorials in the country.


In 1871 a group of local businessmen, Robert Armour, J.K. Hardy (M.L.A for Brisbane), John Warde, John Burns, J.D. Heale & J.K. Buchanan formed The Telegraph Newspaper Co. Ltd. The Editor was Theophilus Parsons Pugh, a former editor of the Brisbane Courier and founder of Pugh's Almanac. The first edition of the newspaper had just four pages and a print run of only 200 copies. In 1963 it moved from its 93 Queen Street premises to its final home 41 Campbell Street Bowen Hills (Queensland Newspapers).


Device: Preprinted.


Related patterns: Nil.


*State Library of Queensland.


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