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Private Revenue Perfins of Queensland

An Elsmore Coath Howard production

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Section 2 - Commercial Overprints



BCC.a .b .c .d .e .f .g .h .i .j .k



.a                                         .c


.f                                         .f                                       .g


          .h                                         c.&.g                                       .i

12mm & 14mm


.j                                         .k


User: Brisbane City Council


Municipal Council / Local Government


Brisbane City Hall, King George Square, Brisbane, QLD


Revenue Use: Numeral issue:

.a Violet 14mm (1944) 1d R4,
2d R2, 3d R3, 2/- R4, 2/6d R4, 5/- R3, 20/- R4. 4c R3,

.b [font as .a] Red 14mm (1946) 1d R4. 1d (security back print) 1d R4.

.c Green 14mm 2d R4, 2/6 R3.


.d [font as .a] Black 14mm 1/- R4.


.e [font as .f] Green 14mm 2d R1, 3d (1960) R2, 2/- R4.

.f Violet 12mm (1963) 2d R2, 3d (1963) R2, 1/- R3. 4c R3, 6c R2.

.g Green 12mm (1947) 2d R4, 3d (1961) R3, 6d R4. 12mm & 14mm (1963) .c & .g together 2d R4.


.h Red 12mm 1d R4.



.i Black stencil 6mm (c1965) (very thin letters) 2d R4, 3d R4.

.j Black 5mm (1966) 2c R2, 4c R4.

.k Black 6mm (1966) 2c R2, 2c (security under print) R2, 4c R3, 8c R4, 10c R1.




Background:  See BCC.a in Perfin section.

Device: Handstamped, Stencil or Printed.

Related patterns: Refer to other Brisbane Council patterns in:

QLD: Perfins section:

        BCC.a Brisbane City Council.

        BMC.a Brisbane Municipal Council.


B.G.C..a .b



User: Brisbane Gas Coy Ltd.


Suppliers of Gas


Address: 545 Queen St, Brisbane, QLD

Revenue Use: Numeral issue:

.a 1d red on security underprint.

.b 2d violet.

Rarity Scale:


.a 1d red on security underprint R3.


.b 2d violet R3.


Background: *The Brisbane Gas Company was incorporated by an Act of the Queensland Parliament in 1864 and it soon established its first coal gas manufacturing plant at Petrie's Bight near the center of Brisbane. Coal gas was used to provide public and private lighting.


By 1883 the Petrie's Bight site was not always meeting demand so a new 22 acre site was chosen at Newstead and this began production in 1887. This site is still in use today although the method of gas production has changed.


In the late 1880s a second coal gas plant was built on the south side of the river by the newly formed South Brisbane Gas and Light Co. Ltd, in direct competition with Brisbane Gas. This resulted in gas mains being laid independently on both sides of the river by both companies. This proved very confusing so in 1889 the Government set up a franchise agreement in which each company supplied gas to customers on the side of the river that their plant was located on.

In the early 1890s the gas lighting monopoly was threatened when electricity was introduced, however the decrease in the use of gas for lighting was more than offset by the growing demand for gas for cooking and heating appliances.

The Newstead plant used coal for gas making and this was supplied by ship, mainly from New South Wales and to a lesser extent England. Later it was found that the coal from nearby Rosewood and Ipswich was suitable.


In 1965 a reforming plant was erected at Newstead which converted LPG into a product with the same characteristics as town gas however the LPG had to be supplied to the plant via road tanker and this was subject to delivery problems that effected production.


The Brisbane Gas Company was acquired by Boral Limited in 1971.


Following the acquisition Boral entered into a contract for the supply of naphtha gas from the refineries at Hamilton and constructed a pipeline so there was always a supply of gas.


Device: Stencil.


Related Patterns: Nil.


*Boral Australia website.


Bretts.a .b


.a                                          .b

User: Brett & Co Ltd


Timber Merchants


Address: 'Bretts Building' Mary St, Brisbane, QLD

Revenue Use: Numeral issue:

.a 1936 1d, 2d.

.b 1966 2c, 10c.

Rarity Scale:


.a 1936 1d R3, 2d R2.


.b 1966 2c R2, 10c R2.


Background: *The Bretts timber business began in 1918 when brothers Bert and James Brett started trading as BC Brett & Co, and the company had a saw mill at Emu Vale near Warwick. In 1921 they acquired the Brisbane Sawmills at Newmarket which had been built in 1913.

In 1923 they established a Brisbane office and in 1926 the first hardware store was opened in Grey St, Brisbane under the name of Brett & Co Pty Ltd. James became the dominant partner with the death of his brother.
The company grew and diversified and in 1928 they incorporated Bretts Wharves & Stevedoring Co. Ltd and they aquired and reclaimed riverside land at Hamilton on which they built a wharf and vast warehouses that handled general cargo, as well as huge quantities of timber for export.

In 1932 the Queensland Government decided to relinquish their mills at Imbil, Nanango and Yarraman, Bretts formed the joint-venture Yarraman Pine Pty Ltd, with James as founding chairman.

In 1933 the Brisbane Sawmills site began to manufacture plywood and in 1936 the company expanded into Steel distribution from property acquired at Ernest and Grey Sts South Brisbane, and later also at Merrivale St.

In 1947 the headquaters of the Bretts companies moved to a three-storeyed Bretts Building in Brisbane and the company continued to expand through the acquisiton of timber mills and additional wharfage as well as a distributing agency in Sydney called Bretts Timber Agencies Pty Ltd. James Brett was chairman of all of the companies in the Bretts group as well as holding other Directoships until his death in 1966, aged 83.

Since the 1980s the company has gradually contracted and sold off its diversified businesses and now trades as a Timber and Hardware Retailer.
Device: Handstamp.
Related patterns: Nil.

* Bretts Hardware - & Australian Dictionary of Biography.


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