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Section 2 - Commercial Overprints



Patriot Coy.a


User: The Patriot Coy. (Patriot Newspaper)

Address: Adelaide St, Maryborough (later Bundaberg and Brisbane), QLD

Revenue Use: QV 2d, 6d 1904 State issue 2nd sideface.

Rarity Scale: QV 2d R2, 6d R4.


Background: *The "Patriot," was first published in Maryborough in 1892 by three members of the growing Labour party later the Australian Labour Party (ALP), W Adam, W  Mitchell, and J Murray. In 1893 they were joined by Irvine (Jack) Perel who soon became its Editor.


Perel was born in Ararat, Victoria, in 1872 moving to Queensland as an electrical engineer being involved in the establishment of the first telephone system in North Queensland.


‘The Patriot’ had started in Maryborough, in 1898 Perel moved it to Bundaberg. At this time Perel met John Norton, and together they started the Brisbane “Truth” in 1899. Perel took charge of the new paper and conducted it locally while Mr. John Norton was in Sydney but there were disagreements and they soon parted company. This lead Perel to bring the Patriot to Brisbane.


Perel was active in politics and in 1922 he accepted nomination to the Upper House in Queensland. He died in October 1928.


There is some conjecture regarding the true birth date and age of Jack Perel. This is not surprising as he seems to have been a near legendary character in Southern Queensland. On his death the Brisbane “Truth” reported his birth date as 1872. This makes him just 20 when he joined the Patriot in 1892. An obituary in the “Morning Bulletin” of Rockhampton on 27 October 1928 stated that his age at death was 66, which would mean that he was born in 1862.


In the same obituary it is claimed that he had moved to Queensland as an electrical engineer after being chosen by the Postal Department to supervise the establishment of the first telephone system in North Queensland. This exchange was indeed located at Maryborough but it was completed in 1882. This would have been when Pevel was just 10 according to the Truth. Clearly the earlier birth date is more likely if Pevel had been involved in the commissioning of the exchange in 1882 at age 20.  The claim that he was specifically appointed to supervise it seems to be an overstatement given his age.


Device: Stencil.


Related patterns: Nil.

* “SOME ASPECTS OF QUEENSLAND PROVINCIAL JOURNALISM” By ALLAN A. MORRISON, M.A., President of Historical Society of Queensland, Lecturer, History Department, University of Queensland, at a meeting of the Society on 24th July 1952 Queensland “Truth” 28 October 1928 Rockhampton “Morning Bulletin” 27 October 1928.




User: Peters' American Delicacy Co. Ltd. (later Petersville Australia Limited)

Address: 48 Miller St, Murarrie, QLD

Revenue Use: Numeral issue:

1930 issue 1d, 6d.

Rarity Scale:


1930 1d R4, 6d R4.

Background: *Peter's was founded in 1907 by American migrant Fred Peters who was homesick for ice cream, which had become a popular treat in the US during the late 1800’s.

Fred Peters was born in, Michigan, USA, in 1866 and on leaving school at 18 he worked as a travelling salesman for a drug company. In 1891 he became a salesman for the Union Manufacturing Co., Ohio, and within three months was the sales manager.

He later had a financial interest in a New York firm, which exported bicycles and parts to Australia.  As part of this venture Peters moved to Sydney in 1897 and while in Sydney he married a Canadian, Daisy Stephen.  In 1898 the business failed and Peters returned to America, where his father told him, “Son, the place to find your money is where you lost it”.

This encouraged Peters to return to Sydney in 1899 where he began a business with several agencies including the Union Manufacturing Co. Pursuing his love of ice cream, which was not readily obtainable in Australia at the time, he initially made ice cream at his home in Manly using his mothers recipe, but in 1907 he leased two rooms in an ice factory at Paddington and set up the Peters' American Delicacy Co. Ltd.  The company moved to new premises in Redfern in 1923 and business flourished. In a series of company floats Peters established offices in Brisbane (1927), Newcastle, Melbourne, Perth, and Townsville as well as a manufacturing site in Rockhampton, (all in 1929).

Peters served as a director on many boards but took no interest in politics. He retired as managing director of Peters' in 1936 and died in May 1937.

During the 1930’s Peters became Petersville Australia Limited and later its national headquarters was established at Mulgrave in Melbourne. By the 1960’s it had diversified into many areas of dairy food manufacture and in the 1970’s it merged with H C Sleigh.  In the 1980’s the company was taken over by Adelaide Steamship Company (Adsteam) and then later Pacific Dunlop (now Ansell) Pacific Dunlop sold its food assets in the mid 1990s, and the ice cream division was acquired by Nestle.

These take overs and sales excluded the Western Australian (WA) part of the company which continue to operate as Peters Ice Cream and were owned by PB foods until they sold it to New Zealand Diary Company, Fonterra, in 2006. In 2009 Fonterra finally sold the WA Peters operation to Nestlé.

Device: Preprinted.


Related patterns:


VIC: Other - Section 2 Commercial Overprints: Peters/ICE CREAM.a


WA: Other - Section 2 Commercial Overprints: PETERS/Western Ice.a

*Australian Dictionary of Biography.



P Logo, Reversed, Inverted.

User: Pohlman Patrick

Printers & Stationers

Address: 221 Brisbane St, Ipswich, QLD

Revenue Use: Numeral issue:

1970 (Security Underprint) issue 2c.

Rarity Scale:


1970 (Security Underprint) 2c R3.


Background: *Pohlman and Patrick were a multi faceted company with involvement in Advertising, Publishing, Printing and later Retail stationary. Records show their involvement, as Pohlman and Patrick Advertising Pty Ltd, in the production of small local publications dating from the early 1950’s and this continues into the mid 1960’s. It is likely that they printed these publications on in house presses as they were on the Government register of Printing Presses until 1981.


Later they expanded into retail stationary as, Pohlman & Patrick Stationery Supermarket, but this seemed to have been short lived but was certainly in existence from 1987-1991.  The firm no longer trades.


Device: Pre printed.


Related patterns: Nil


* Trove 


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