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User: The Guaranty Trust Company of New York

Commercial and Merchant Banker

Address: 23 Wall St, New York, USA

Revenue Use:

1918 issue 1c on ½d

US reported Usage from 1914-54

Rarity Scale:

1918 issue 1c on ½d R4

Background: The company that came to be the "Guaranty Trust Company of New York" was initially established as "New York Guaranty and Indemnity Company" in 1864.

The company changed its name to "The Guaranty Trust Company of New York" in 1895. Like many Banks and Insurance companies of the 20th Century it was the subject of many acquisitions and mergers including a 1910 merger with Morton Trust Company, a 1912 merger with Standard Trust Company, and a 1929 merger with Bank of Commerce in New York.

The key merger occurred in 1959 when the Guaranty Trust Company of New York merged with J.P. Morgan & Co. At this time J.P. Morgan was only a mid-size bank and they used this merger to bolster their position in the Industry. The merged company was known as "Morgan Guaranty Trust Company of New York". This company later merged with related J P Morgan enterprises including a 1959 merger with Morgan & CIE, Incorporated, and a 1968 merger with Morgan Guaranty Safe Deposit Company and finally the 1996 merger with J.P. Morgan (Delaware).

Morgan Guaranty Trust was the trading name until 1988 when the company migrated back to the J.P. Morgan brand.

By the late 1990s J.P. Morgan had become one of the top-five commercial banks and in 2000 they merged with the Chase Manhattan Bank to become JP Morgan Chase & Co. and would become one of the largest banks both in the world.

The device was most likely used in the company's New York office which still stands in 2014. See below.

Device: Multi die device of at least 2 dies in a horizontal array. The device is listed in "The Catalog of United States Perfins" in the G section as G 172.

The device was known to have been used between 1914 and 1954.

Related Patterns: Nil


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