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User: Dennison Manufacturing Co


Address: Framingham, Massachusetts, USA

Revenue Use:

1918 issue 1c on ½d, 2c on 1d

Rarity Scale:

1918 issue 1c on ½d R4, 2c on 1d R4

Background: *The Dennison Manufacturing Company, of Framingham, Massachusetts, was founded in 1844 as a jewellery and watch box-manufacturing company by Aaron Lufkin Dennison, who later became the pioneer of the American System of Watch Manufacturing.

In 1849 Aaron handed the fledgling Dennison Manufacturing Company over to his younger brother, Eliphalet Whorf Dennison, who took over and developed the company into a huge industrial enterprise specializing in paper products, specialty boxes and print.

The company later merged with the Avery Adhesive Label Corporation. The Avery Adhesive Label Corporation was originally founded in Los Angeles, California, in 1935 as Kum Kleen Products, a partnership of Mr. and Mrs. R.S. Avery. The name was changed to Avery Adhesives in 1937 and in 1946, the company was incorporated as Avery Adhesive Label Corp. The name was subsequently changed to Avery Adhesive Products, Inc. in 1958 and then to Avery Products Corporation in 1964 and later the company structure changed and they became Avery International Corporation in 1976. In 1990 the company became the Avery Dennison Corporation after the company merged with the Dennison Manufacturing Company.

Device: A multi die device in at least a 2x2 format. The device is listed in "The Catalog of United States Perfins" in the D section as D 68. The device is known to have been in service from 1912 until 1940.

Related Patterns: Nil



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