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Introduction to the New South Wales Chapter of the

Revenue Perfins of Australia.


In the previous State Chapters of this publication we have been well served by the general Introductions for Revenue and Perfin Collectors that are accessible from the main page. However with the NSW chapter there are two issues that require specific comment and explanation.


1       Access to the Bill Harley Collection.


The NSW Chapter would have been far from complete without access to Bill Harley’s (Dubbo, NSW) collection of perfins and Security Overprints on the revenue and railway stamps of NSW.


Bill is a noted specialist in this area, his research and collection of rare documents were essential to the authors completing this chapter.


Bill being a revenue and perfin collector, with his expertise in these central fields of study were of great advantage to the authors in building the most comprehensive catalogue on this subject to date.


2      Insurance Company Amalgamations.


New South Wales housed the bulk of Australian Insurance Companies. This yielded more perforating devices and revenue stamp usage than any other Australian State, resulting in this State being the largest in our study.


At the start of the 20th Century there were many separate Insurance and Assurance companies selling various forms of insurance. During the century more were created. The bulk of these companies offering insurance were from overseas; generally British, with a mix of New Zealand, Canadian and United States insurers as well as Australian ones.


By the end of the century a little more than a score remained as corporate take over, bailouts and collapses left only the large and strong companies standing.


The Authors have mapped the movements and acquisitions of these companies but the story is bigger than just the companies that used Perfins. At the end of each listing you will find a related patterns section for cross reference purposes.


This is confused somewhat by the fact that once a company was acquired it was more often than not allowed to continue to trade in its old name. In some cases companies continued to use perforators of acquired companies. In other instances you can find a company Perfin with an acquired company cachets applied.

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