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Private Revenue Perfins of Australia, Incorporating Commercial Security Overprints

Dave Elsmore & David Coath


Commonwealth  New South Wales

Queensland    South Australia

Tasmania     Victoria

Western Australia

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Introduction for Revenue Collectors

Introduction for Perfin Collectors

Links to Commercial Overprints can be found at the very end of each state book.

Note: Government 'OS' Perfins & Overprints are beyond the scope of this book.

Note: Local State Government Perfins ARE included in this book.

The authors would like to thank the following collectors for their input into this catalogue:

John Grant [Australian Pioneer Perfin Legend, Co-Author Commercial Perfins of Australia]

Bill Harley [Australia] [Noted specialist in this area]

Harold Waite [NZ] [Long time perfin collector]

Arthur Taylor [Australia] [Long time perfin collector]

David McNamee [USA] [FIP Judge]. Editor - 'The Informer' Society of Australasian Specialists Oceania Inc.]

David Hopper [Canada] [Director - Society of Australasian Specialists Oceania Inc.]

Brian Magee [Australia][Noted specialist in Commercial Overprints]

Mike Behn Ontario [Canada]

Francis Kiddle [UK] RDP FRPSL [FIP Revenue Commission Chairman. FIP International Judge]

Neville Willis [Australia] [Revenue Document Collector]

Ian Spencer [UK]

David Anderson [Australia] [Author Australian Official Perfins 2007]

Greg Howard [Australia] [Revenue Document Collector]

Clyde Ziegeler [Australia] [Customs Duty Specialist]

Norm Hart [Australia]

Jeff Turbull [UK Perfin Society]

Amitabh Chand [USA] [Specialist Collector of Revenues]

Hendrick Godthelp [Australia]

Phil Commins [New Zealand]

David Gottesmann [UK]

This publication is mobile phone & iPad friendly for ease of use in any auction viewing room, dealer shop or stamp show wherever you are in the world! Sure beats lugging around those big old catalogues.

Authors contact emails: David Coath Dave Elsmore

© copyright 2017 ISSN 1837-6363

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