World Perfin Challenge

This page is designed for other countries to show off their biggest group of perfins on one document or letter. This probably will be a very short page.

If you can beat or come near the below David Coath wants to hear from you.


First up is New South Wales Australia.

This document having 55 perfin stamps on will hold the record for a good while - or will it?

Here in Australia we feel we have the largest group of perfins shown below on a single insurance document. Can you beat it?

Perfin details: 'ACo' Alliance Insurance Company Sydney New South Wales.

Two devices are know from this insurance company.


The one shown above and on the below document, being the earlier recorded device from 1907-1940.

The other device recorded from 1940-1950 is similar but without the .. below 'o' of 'ACo'

Front View

Graphics courtesy of Steve Hamilton Stamps.

Back view