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Private Revenue Perfins of Western Australia

An Elsmore Coath Howard production

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Section 2 - Commercial Overprints




User: David Jones Ltd


Department Store


Address: Hay St, Perth, WA.

Revenue Use:

1951-1963 issue: (from 1954) 1d.

Rarity Scale:


1951-1963 issue: 1d R2.

Background: *David Jones was a Welsh merchant who met Hobart businessman Charles Appleton in London. Appleton had established a store in Sydney in 1825 and Jones subsequently established a partnership with Appleton and moved to Australia in 1835, and the Sydney store became known as Appleton & Jones. When the partnership was dissolved in 1838, Jones moved his business to premises on the corner of George Street and Barrack Lane, Sydney. Jones survived the depression of the 1840s, and by 1856 had retired from active management of the business. A few years later when the firm failed, Jones returned to manage its affairs and in a few years had fully discharged all obligations to his creditors.

By 1887, the George Street Sydney store had been rebuilt and a mail order facility introduced. A factory was opened in Marlborough Street, Sydney to reduce reliance on imported goods. In 1906, David Jones announced it would become a public company. By 1959, the store network had expanded to eight stores, and by 1980 David Jones had moved into Queensland, ACT, Victoria and South Australia.

Device: Preprinted sideways (up or down)


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