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Section 2 - Commercial Overprints




User: Electrolux Pty Ltd

Electrical Manufacturers

Address: 1/9 Parramatta Road, Lidcombe, Sydney, NSW

Revenue Use: 1923 issue: 3d.

Rarity Scale: 1923 issue 3d R4.

Background: *AB Electrolux, more commonly known as Electrolux, is a Swedish multinational household and professional appliances manufacturer headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden. As of 2012 they were the world's second-largest household appliance maker.

In 1918 Svenska Elektron AB and the Kerosene lamp maker Lux AB merged and later in 1919 established a subsidiary named Elektromekaniska AB, which sold Lux brand vacuum cleaners into several European countries. The company became know as Elektrolux and in 1957 the spelling was changed to Electrolux.

By 1925 the company had added refrigerators to its products and later followed with washing machines (1951), dishwashers (1959) and food service equipment in 1962.

The companies overall product range and size has been effected by their mergers and acquisitions. This included a raft of fellow Scandinavian companies Elektro Helios, Norwegian Elektra, Danish Atlas, Finnish Slev, and Flymo, in the nine years from 1960 to 1969.

This growth continued through the 1990s, and today Electrolux have gained control of many well known competitors and allied brands such as AEG, Atlas, Chef, Frigidaire, Kelvinator, Simpson, Volta, Westinghouse, to name but a few.

Device: Handstamp


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Other – Section 2 Commercial Overprints



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