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As of November 2012

An Elsmore Coath production

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What is a ‘Set of reference patterns’. This includes a single A4 b/w Print out [on 150gsm paper] of each States patterns plus an identical transparent one for quick pattern identity when a Perfin is still on a document; this is the ‘©Perfin Finder’. See it in action in the movie at


When we have completed all the Australian States there will be a total of 17 ‘sets’ [17 pairs] of reference patterns: Queensland has 3. Commonwealth, Tasmania, South Australia & Western Australia x 1 each. New South Wales & Victoria x 5 each.


Cost is $65 for all 17 Reference Patterns post paid within Australia, or $5 per page, so if you only collect Tasmania then it’s $5.00 post paid, Queensland it’s $15.00 post paid and so on. Remember we are only half way through the book with Queensland, Western Australia, Tasmania & New South Wales completed. [The rest have been published on line in a Beta version] An upfront payment of $65 guarantees you delivery within Australia of all 17.


For overseas collectors pattern cost remains the same but unfortunately the authors will have to charge postage, this is set at cost. At the present world postage costs, for the full set of 17 patterns by airmail letter rate is $14.20. Total then would work out to $65 + $14.20 = $79.20. 1-5 ‘sets’ by airmail letter rate come in at A$6.20 postage. If overseas collectors have mint Australian postage stamps we welcome you posting the equivalent cost and these will be used on your package.


Payment outside of Australia can be by PayPal [we absorb the fees] or by Direct Debit in A$ to bsb.014227 Acc. 553675315 Contact David Coath to arrange any paypal payments. David’s email can be found at the bottom of the home page of


To guard against fraud each b/w print out has been perfinned ‘CANCELLED’ so you know you have an original that is 100% true.


The generous discounted offer to Perfin Club members of the PCNZA has now closed.


At $5 a pair of pages [b/w & transparency] you can see this is NOT a money making venture!


Dave Elsmore & David Coath

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