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The above GDCo.a pattern above represents the earliest use on a WA 1906 p11 Railway revenue.

"Private Revenue Perfins of Australia" OUT NOW. Unseen before patterns on revenue stamps. No other publication from Australia can match this work, packed with Perfin & Company research complemented by 1000.s of high quality colour graphics. See it HERE

Stolen Perfinned Stamps Read All About it  HERE

Private Revenue Perfins of Victoria - Can you help

The authors of the highly successful book 'Private Revenue Perfins of Australia' are now working on the last chapter 'Victoria' Hopefully you can add to the listings which can be accessed from the blue FREE tab above and follow your nose to the Beta version of Victoria. Please do not forget this work also includes the Security Overprints which can be found at the very bottom of the 'Other' page. We look forward to your help.

Perfin Club NZ & Australia

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The above NZ/IC.e

Is the first  to be reported on a KEDVII issue.

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