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Greg Howard from Tasmania continues to turn up new finds and in this case 'AE' on a Victorian revenue HERE Well done Greg keep them coming..

"Private Revenue Perfins of Australia" OUT NOW. Unseen before patterns on revenue stamps. No other publication from Australia can match this work, packed with Perfin & Company research complemented by 1000.s of high quality colour graphics. See it HERE

Stolen Perfinned Stamps Read All About it  HERE

The History of Perfins. A paper by David Coath. Read this fascinating story HERE

'E D' Edwards Dunlop. Read about this new 1904 early

Queensland find in the latest Journal of the PCNZA

Perfin Club NZ & Australia

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The above NZ/IC.e

Is the first  to be reported on a KEDVII issue.

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The Vacuum Oil started operating in the United States in the 1860 and in 1895 became the first oil company to be established in Australia read more on this perfin HERE